The information provided here should be treated as a guide. The UAE embassy in your home country is the best source for up-to-date information. Your hotel or airline can provide visa assistance in majority of cases.

Please open this page to know if you are exempt from short term visit visa to UAE. If you are from a country which is not listed in visa waiver countries, then you will need to apply for a VISA through UAE embassy in your home country or a UAE VISA sponsor, i.e. your hotel.

To apply for visa, you may be required to submit a Letter of Invitation from conference organising committee. Please note that there is difference between a Letter of Invitation and a Letter of Guarantee. You may be required to submit a Letter of Invitation and/or Letter of Guarantee. A Letter of Guarantee is a letter in which an individual works as a guarantor for your stay in the United Arab Emirates. We can not provide Letters of Guarantee. However, we will provide you a Letter of Invitation.

A Letter of Invitation is an official document which confirms payment of registration fee and extends an official invitation to you to participate in the conference. Letter of Invitation may also be required by your university for administrative and financial purposes, and may be required for visa application if you are from a country that needs a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates.

To obtain a Letter of Invitation, you must fulfill the following two conditions:

  • You must be registered as a presenter to present your paper or as a participant to attend the conference.
  • You must have paid the full conference registration fee.

After meeting the above requirement, letter of invitation will be sent by email as a PDF attachment. The form for Letter of Invitation will be sent to the prospective participants in MS Word file after acceptance of paper and payment of registration fee. If a presenter or a participant needs a hard copy of the letter, the postal charges will be paid by the participant.